She’s 1!

Our baby girl is 1! Well she’s actually just over 13 months old now, how has that happened?!

I never knew time could go by so fast yet slow at the same time. I feel like it was only yesterday I pulled her up out of the water in the birthing pool and heard her first cry but then at the same time it feels like a lifetime ago.

The past year has been the greatest of my life, it has been full of love, a love I’ve never known or felt before. I will do whatever it takes to protect our little EJ, like a fierce lioness will protect her cubs, the claws are out when it comes to this girl. Just try and mess with her (or us as a family!)

We have had a year of adventure, we’ve been to London and Dubai and we are flying off on holiday again in a few weeks (some trips also booked for next year already!), our dream is for Erica to see the world, to experience different cultures, taste different foods, to visit the tallest mountain and the smallest island, to hear different languages and see exotic animals, to ride in planes, trains, boats and tuk tuks! The world was made for exploring and I hope she follows in our footsteps and loves to travel!

I’ve cuddled her as much as I can yet often ask myself if its been enough, I’ve never spent a night away from her, a few hours is plenty for me to be rushing home to her for snuggles. We’ve shared a bed (many times…proud co-sleeper over here!!) I kiss her at every opportunity…just writing this bring a wave of love over me where I want to go wake her and squish her precious little face into mine and sniff her beautiful little head. She is my (our) world!

She’s been showered in so much love from her Nanny and Granlad, they are still fighting over who pushes the pram 13 months later! They still ask regularly to have you for a sleepover but not quite yet…mummy isn’t ready!

We have quickly realised that money isn’t everything when it comes to these precious early years with you, I know I’m so so lucky to have had all this time off with you, we would rather have less pennies and be able to spend as much time with you as possible. I met someone recently who told me how much she regretted going back to work so soon after her first (and only) baby was born, what she said was so true and has stayed with me. Her little girl was now in Primary One and she was finding it hard to process that she is now in the ‘school routine’ for the next 10 years (at least). No more slow mornings with lots of sleepy snuggles, no more baby/toddler classes or coffee playdates, no more park visits while it’s nice and quiet in the day. I’m sure there are many more things that she is missing but it really made us so thankful for being able to take all this time off with Erica.

Anyway this blog is really just a rabble yet again about how much I love this little squish when really I just wanted to share a few photos from her birthday party! I’ve kept lots of her birthday photos private and for only family to view but I wanted to mention our amazing photographer again so this seemed a good opportunity!

All photos taken by the very talented Edyta Wos Photography   (please do not copy, save or share photos without prior permission)

Over & Out from one very emotional Mama!!



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