1st Birthday Party Decor!

I wanted to share with you all some photos of Erica’s 1st Birthday Party that we had in the house for close family. We decided on the theme Peter Rabbit which resulted in some very cute photo opportunities – just perfect when you have photographer coming along! I have also included some photos of items that aren’t Peter Rabbit Themed but still added a nice touch! Sadly I don’t have photos of everything I made however I have tried to write about it briefly – any questions use the contact me button on my page!


The table was set with white table-cloth, green grass table runner, Peter Rabbit storage boxes which I used as stands to make things more accessible, ‘carrot’ knifes and forks in plant pots, handmade flower centre pieces made using recycled jam jars, hessian and lemon lace. All plates and cups were Peter Rabbit or had little bunnies on! The amazing garland is from Whirling in Wonderland (click the link) on Instagram, you should know but now if you’re a regular reader I like to support small businesses!


Jay made this AMAZING chalkboard for Erica, all hand drawn. It’s such a special keepsake! He now takes orders via Facebook  (Click the link!)


This was a simple garland from Amazon for a few pound and I printed the photos from Boots, if you are a member of thee parenting club you quite often get vouchers to print photos so I didn’t pay for these prints – bonus!


I sadly don’t have photos of all of the food we made but in this photo you can see ‘bunny tails’ which are simply marshmallows in a plastic cocktail glass, a ‘veggie patch’ which was veggie sticks all in plant pots and then I hollowed out a savoy cabbage and added dip to the middle – cheap and very effective! We also had ‘carrot cookies’ which I made from scratch and ‘oreo lettuce’ which were oreo truffles covered in green chocolate and put into little cases!


All of the balloons came from a local shop and Iwestill have one still standing  – 5 weeks later!


This balloon is filled with baby pink feathers – this is the one that is still up!


‘Carrot’ knifes and forks – bought cheap plastic cutlery from eBay along with the orange napkins and I had the brown string already! Plant pot also had a faux plant in it so just washed it out to reuse!


Erica’s beautiful cake was made by a local girl called ‘Cakes by Kaitlin” – click the link!


We also had mint growing in the garden! This was super easy, pots from The range (£1.99 for 12) and giant chocolate cupcakes, then add mint sprigs with a lolly stick and taa-daa! The mint wilts pretty quickly if its hot!


Again this is a cheap banner from Amazon and was about £4!


I made a scrapbook with over 100 photos of her first year – photos were printed for FREE using the Snapfish app, you get 50 free prints a month so I just planned ahead and also downloaded the app onto Jays phone and got 2 lots printed one month! The actual book is from Hobbycraft for £6!


This little pom pom highchair decoration was about £5 from eBay!


The Happy birthday display was £2 off eBay- it did take about 4 weeks to come but was so easy to blow up with a balloon pump and is very effective!


This little crown was £2 off eBay!


Another look at the amazing cake!


I’ve detailed as much as I can and tagged companies I feel will be relevant!


All photos taken by Edyta Wos Photography.


More photos of the day coming soon!


Jen x


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