August in Pictures!

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged for nearly 5 weeks! Life has just ben super super busy on the lead up to Erica turning one that I have lots of catching up to do! But this is a nice easy blog and I love documenting our life so Erica can look back on it later!

Heres August!



This little lady emptied out all the musical instruments in order to play in the box!


Best 10 months ever…I remember when she used to fit inside the circle! I also took this 2 weeks late so you’ll also see her 11 month photo further down!


See happy playing in the germ pool *cough* I mean ball pool!! Were all about exposing her to germs so doesn’t bother us!


Enjoying a sneaky ice cream at the park.


Who doesn’t love a man who adores his baby so much he want to wear her on his front all the time!


Bathtime at Nanny and Granlads!


Heading home after bath time…she’s still never spent the night away from us!


Ava turns 1! Now I’m typing this they are all 1!!


Erica had a fab time at messy play!


Shaving foam, paint, gloop, cake smash, sand, water, rice play and then a foam party = Erica’s perfect morning out!


Fun at the Science Centre in Glasgow! Some thought we were silly taking her so young but there is actually loads for younger kids that’s she’s been 4 times since!


We took Erica for Tepinyaki for the first time, she loved the chef who performed lots of tricks for her and she loved the food just as much!


She may have breakfast all over her pj’s but here she is wondering when she’s off on her next holiday! Not long babe..we have a few things booked!


If your happy and you know it, clap your hands! 11 months earth side baby girl!


Admiring the pretty flowers with Zara at a local park! How gorgeous are these girls!


We’ve had such a lovely summer together


Little mischief-maker!


This girl loves her Nanny and Granlad….this was the day she went to visit her Great Grandparents to show off her walking skills! Great Papa gave her lots of pennies to go towards her first pair of shoes!









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