July in Pictures!

I feel like the year is running away from me! I’m busy organising Erica’s 1st birthday as she’s having two parties but in all honesty I just want to cry at the thought of her turning 1!

They really aren’t babies for long are they? When I rocked her to sleep the other night I was thinking about all the things I wish I’d done while she was a newborn, I wish I’d looked at her longer, took more photos of her (I have over 7000 photos from this past year!!), sniffed that newborn head a little longer and cuddled her a little longer….anyway this is serious digression and I’ll save it for the first birthday blog!


As you can see, Erica is still loving her food, here she is covered in beans! Sometimes we get so messy we have a sink bath or head straight for the shower!


I just love her cheeky little smile in this one!


Twinning with her little friend Amber at Baby Sensory! This was a total accident but was bound to happen at some point as the literally have the same wardrobe!


Those eyes! Quick snack before heading for a picnic with Amber and Hugo!


Nanny and Granlad got her this chair at Christmas last year and she LOVES it! She’s always climbing on it or chilling out there! She loves to sit her baby on it too! She’s like a wee mummy already, so nurturing and caring … I’m so proud of her! P.S I know the photo is blurry but I really don’t care!!


Aw I just love her so much!


Teething eh, it produces all the snot, I’m sure she will thank me for this when she’s older!


Having fun with Nanny at Gymboree! My mum and dad love to get involved with all Erica does, even if it is singing songs, playing games and chasing her about at soft play!


Playing with her TellieTubbie water mat from her Great Aunt Jackie and Great Uncle Derek! Romper handmade by LilahRae Studio, find them on Instagram hereΒ !


Erica took part on a Strawberry bath photoshoot with the very talented Claire , you can find her on Instagram hereΒ  . Very professional and beautiful photos, Erica had a great time splashing in the water and eating all the strawberries!


In her first pair of baby converse!! They didn’t stay on for long, this girl is all about having her toes out!!


Sleepy Erica after going swimming with Nanny and mummy!


Erica loves a swing, she does have her own in the garden from Nanny & Granlad but sometimes we like to play on the ones at the park while Alfie gets walked!


Is there seriously anything cuter than a little baby butt in an all in one! Do you think I can get away with her wearing these till she’s like say, 10?!!


Picnics at Evie’s house…the dummy thief!


We don’t do messy play, we just do mealtimes !!


This is Harris, Hugo’s older brother. The love we have for this family is huge! These two just love each other and always start the playdate with a cuddle and kiss! Look at her little hand on his lap!


Three little beauties at Jollytots and Cookies enjoying some sensory play after lunch! I hope our babies will all grow up the best of friends!


Erica’s friend Maisie turned 1, we celebrated with a BBQ Garden Party! It was such a lovely day but Maisie is the start of the birthdays and really makes it hit home about them all growing up so fast! Oh and somehow us mummies wore the same dress in different patterns!

So there we have July, can you believe I done it in 19 photos. Not like me…we had a great month and made so many more fantastic memories as a family. Lets see what August brings!


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