Day trip to The Lost Chambers Dubai

This time when in Dubai we really just wanted to chill out, we knew it was going to be far to hot to do to much walking about especially with an 8 month old so this day trip was the only thing we pre booked before our travels!

It was the most memorable day because Erica done her first proper crawl in The Atlantis! She had been commando crawling for a few weeks but we sat her down to take some photos of her next to the fish and then out of nowhere she just got onto all fours and done a few shuffles forward! Fast forward a week and theres no stopping her now, she’s fast already and ends up in different rooms within a minute or two!

Anyway, if you have children this is a must see in Dubai, the aquarium itself isn’t that big but for what it is its amazing! Erica loved it! We had been to an aquarium back home and she wasn’t fussed but this was out of this world, the size of the tanks, the array of fish and sea creatures was like nothing I had ever seen before!

We were staying on The Palm which is where the Atlantis is so we just took a taxi from our hotel but you can use the Mono Rail if your not staying on The Palm (we did this in 2016 with no baby or pram to take!!). I’d say for your children having a baby carrier is good, when we went it was pretty quiet but I can imagine at busy periods it would be difficult to get pram ( known as a stroller in Dubai ) close to the glass for babies to see! We had Erica in the carrier for the majority but also had her out a few times to allow her to sit by the glass and look in. She couldn’t take her eyes off the fish. Theres not one photo of her looking at the camera. I actually love that though because she’s a little sponge at this age, taking everything in, the colours, the sizes the sounds, the different people and culture. I just love it!

It was Ramadan while we were away so we respected the local culture and had no food or water while in the aquarium. Most places have designated areas for if you do wish to have food etc. Erica did have a bottle but thats a little different!

I’ve have hundreds of photos from this trip but I’ll just add a few for you to see what its like!

Have you been to The Atlantis? I’d love to hear about other peoples trips in Dubai!




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