What we packed in Erica’s flight bag!

Were not long home from Dubai and a few people have asked me on Instagram what we packed in Erica’s flight bag for travelling long haul, so I thought I’d blog it quickly! This way I also have it for future reference!

I was feeling not to bad about the flight with Erica, she’s such a people person I had a feeling she would just be happy watching people going up and down the aisle, but on the off-chance she didn’t want to do that I  purchased a few bits that would hopefully keep her entertained for a little while!

We had booked onto a night flight, departing just before 10pm, I know what your thinking ‘Oh it’ll be fine she will sleep on the plane’ , ha I’ll crack the jokes, Erica laughs in the face of sleep! Sleep is for the weak in our house! Those who watch my Instagram stories will know all to well what she’s like, still up 3-4 times a night and rarely down before 11.30pm these days, and no, before you ask she doesn’t nap too much during the day, 1.5 – 2.5 hours tops throughout the day!

Anyway sleep is a whole other blog that I must get round to writing!

We defiantly overpacked just to be on the safe side but you know, mid-air you might need stuff and can’t exactly pop out and get it! So here’s a list of what we took on board!

  • 10 Nappies
  • 1 pack of wipes (how good are Aldi wipes! Better than all the rest I’d say!)
  • Nappy Creme, the mini Child’s Farm one is the perfect size
  • Nappy Sacks
  • Disposable Bibs and Changing Mat
  • Hand sanitiser
  • 2 pairs of PJ’s (I changed her in the airport after dinner before we took off, then had a spare for any poonamis!)
  • Blanket & Baa Baa (her comfort toy!)
  • 2 spare dummies as I wasn’t sure if my little travel Milton Steriliser would be taken off me
  • 6 bottles ( 3 empty, 3 with 4oz of cold boiled water in)
  • 2 SHO flasks with boiling water ready to make the other bottles up to 6oz as Erica likes her milk warm
  • Pre Measured Formula
  • Toys
  • Separate Snack Bag (didn’t even open on the way out but on the way home it was nearly empty!)


So on the flight out which took off at 9.35pm, Erica was sleeping by 9.42pm! She only slept a few hours but it gave us time to shut our eyes too which was good! So we didn’t really make use of any of the stuff we had packed bar the essentials like milk and nappies!



It was on the way home that she got use out of her new toys! We purchased a gift set from YummiKeys  before we left as Erica loves keys and anything shiny so these were perfect for her. The gift box also came with a little book, a wooden elephant and some play dough (we didn’t take this as we knew she would just eat it!) I’ve linked YummiKeys above as being a small brand from Scotland I just needed to give them a little shout out – I love to shop small! Look how gorgeous they are, the packaging is also lovely, a great baby gift!

We also bought some other new toys for her, nothing as beautiful as YummiKeys so not worth the photos but I also took some of her usual things like Sophie the Giraffe!

We only used about 4 nappies on each flight but hey you don’t want to be short of those in an emergency do you?! Emirates were great and gave out little travel bags for babies which had a spoon, wipes, nappy cream and a few other bits. They also gave out children’s travel blankets that were in a little shark bag with handle which was great. Something we will definitely use again for flying so we didn’t actually use Erica’s blanket either! I think when you’ve never flew with a baby before you try to be ready for all scenarios but I wouldn’t worry too much, there will be plenty other families on board who I’m sure would help you out if you desperately needed something.

I overpacked with everything to do with Erica but would rather that for our first long haul holiday than not have something and wish I’d taken it! I know for sure when we are away again later in the year I’ll pack a bit lighter!

So yea I think that’s about it, any questions drop me a message or send me a DM on Instagram!

Now I’ll leave you with some cute photos of Erica on the flights!



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