May in Pictures!

A little look at our favourite photos from May! We have decided to do this instead of Erica’s monthly updates but don’t worry all of her milestones will be mentioned on here!

I’m going to *try* to keep it to 20 photos per month but I already know I’m going to find that difficult! The photo above is Erica helping to pack her suitcase for Dubai!



Playdates with her friends, we’ve made some lifelong friends from attending Daisy Birthing Classes!


Erica got her first tooth, she now has 2 pearly whites and LOVES to brush them!


The love that Erica’s great grandparents have for her fills my heart! They tell her all the time how much they love her! And yes, papas glasses are held together by tape – another one of those ‘They’ll see me out” situations, I’ve been hearing that sentence for about 15 years!


Alfie was having a great time at the park – the drool across his face says it all!


Fun in the garden with my munchkin!


Garden play with her Dada, I love this photo!


Family day out to Palacerigg Country Park, this was just as Erica was getting better but she had a great day and laughed at the sheep being fed!


Just aftera little tractor ride – if you follow me on Instagram Stories you would have seen Jamie having a go too – big kid so he is!!


Feeding the goats!


Erica started to give kisses this month which is just adorable!


Finally back at classes after being ill for 2 weeks!


I love the way she is cuddling her BaaBaa


Yay Nanny and GranladΒ are home from holidays!


Playing on the swings at our local park!


Daddy took his lunch break outside one day so we could play together!


Helping to throw Alfie his ball (*cough* chew the ball thrower!)


Belated Anniversary dinner, only the 2nd time we have ever had dinner without our baby!


Eating Daisies !


Modelling her new Lilah Rae Studio dress, we love to shop small and support local businesses. Natasha at Lilah Rae makes the most beautiful items of clothing, great quality and amazing selection of materials and designs.


Trying out a new carrier for when we go on bigger adventures!


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