Craignethan Castle Trip!

The weather in Scotland has been quite something for the last few weeks, sunny most days which is a rare occurrence! So we decided to make the most of it and visit a castle that is only a 10 minute drive from where we live, Craignethan Castle.


You can read more about the history of the castle from Wikipedia using this link.

This would be a great day out for when Erica is a little older, you could pack a picnic and spend the day there. Theres plenty of grass and a good few benches for you to sit at. I can imagine it being a little boys (or girls!) dream place to play Knights, there’s so many places to hide and explore! There is a small gift shop on site, selling toys for kids alongside ice cream and juice etc. No tea/coffee facilities or cafe available as the number of visitors to the castle just does not justify it which is a shame so be sure to bring your own lunch and snacks and hot water in a flask if your like us and need to make bottles.

Anyway the Castle is about 40 minutes drive from Glasgow in the heart of South Lanarkshires beautiful countryside. Car parking is available for free however the cost to enter the castle is Β£5 per adult however it is free if you have a Historic Scotland pass.


We took the City Mini GT to the castle however upon arrival we quickly realised we should have brought the baby carrier instead (we know for next time!) Erica was sleepy anyway so the pram was a good choice for us but it did mean she wasn’t able to come to the top of the towers when we climbed them or go underground into the tunnels or kitchen as the pram just wouldn’t go down those spiralling staircases! To be honest the staircases were very tight I might not have even done it with her in the carrier as the steps are so steep, they have handrails on most and then a large rope to hold onto at the other side too but they are still very steep, I can imagine on a wet day they would be very slippy.

The lady in the gift shop is very helpful and I imagine would be able to answer any questions you may have on the castle, guide books are available for Β£2 however there are also lots of boards places about telling you about the Castle so we decided to leave the guide book.


We did notice on the way back to the car that there is a nature walk just at the bottom of the hill, it’s not a buggy friendly walk but we do plan on walking it and taking Erica in a carrier! I’ll be sure to blog that too.

Overall we had a lovely morning out, not another soul came to the castle while we were there, a good thing as we had the place to ourselves but also sad as that’s why they can’t provide better services for visitors.

Sorry I’ve been quite on here lately, Erica was quite poorly for a few weeks so I just didn’t have the time to blog! I now have 15 draft blogs which I really need to start working on!!






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