Fakeaway Week 4 – Steak & Cheese Quesadilla’s then Eton Mess

Why is it when it’s my turn to cook the fakeaway we always end up super busy during the day that I get about 10 minutes to cook!

Anyway this week I was totally stumped as to what to make, I’m back on Slimming World but we have both agreed that we won’t be to strict when it comes to the syn value in our Fakeaways as we want them to be for everyone and I’m well aware that not everyone is following Slimming World!! I made this dinner, then decided to add up the syns and nearly fell of my seat! So I stopped counting before I’d even got to the cheese and pudding!

So this week I got my idea from the Tasty Facebook Page, Steak & Cheese Quesadillas then Eton Mess for pudding, I had the cheek to buy extra light cream!

These were so simple to make and hardly took any time at all. You could change the filling to spicy chicken and peppers or spinach and ricotta for a veggie version! You only need one frying pan for everything so hardly any washing up too – bonus!

Simply fry off your steak, peppers and onions, I added some salt and pepper and Season All and a little garlic, once it was cooked (medium rare for us) remove from heat and set aside in a bowl. Wipe down frying pan and spray with a little oil. Throw in a tortilla wrap then on one half put some grated cheese and then top with the steak and veg mix, sprinkle a little more cheese on top then fold the tortilla on top, let it crisp a little then flip and cook the other side. That’s it, repeat until you have made the desired amount!

Simple,quick and delicious – what else could you ask for!


Pudding was so simple too, mini meringue nests smashed up, strawberries and squirty cream all in a glass and hey presto there’s your pudding!


Any family could make this, my total spend was Β£12.81, the two steaks were Β£7 alone, next time I’ll use chicken out the freezer!

Jay’s turn again this weekend, I think he’s planning on making German food!


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