Fakeaway Week 2 – Burgers & Chocolate Pastries!

Week 2 of the Fakeaway Challenge and it was my turn! I decided on a classic burger, chips & beans. If you are following the slimming world plan these burgers would be syn free is using a wholemeal roll as your B choice however we decided on naughty brioche seeded buns which would contain syns!

We have been using JD Seasoning Burger Blend for quite some time now and love it, in fact there’s a whole range of spices available on their website that we love however this month we purchased for the first time some Spicetence seasoning packs so I was using the blend called Gourmet Burger Rub. In all honesty we prefer the JD Seasoning Burger Blend as this Spicetence one made the burgers very spicy, so much so you couldn’t taste much meat!


This was such a quick Fakeaway, I don’t even peel the skin off the potatoes, I just chop them up and throw them into the Actifry, nothing on them at all and they turn out great every time, although they never look good in photos! Even when I was using my Slimming World Instagram as a food diary they never looked good, but they taste awesome!

For the burgers I used 5% fat mince, chopped an onion and put in the Spicetence packet, mixed it together, moulded into burgers and grilled! 25 minutes to prep and cook and about 5 minutes to demolish!!


Jay had two rolls but I just had a double pate bun! Damn I wish I’d wiped the bean juice off the ramekin for this photo!

For dessert I had found a quick and easy recipe in the Co-Op magazine that I picked up, Chocolate and Peanut Swirls. Literally a cheats pudding but the challenge was to spend the least amount of money so I picked a meal where we had the majority of the ingredients in the cupboard!

Now these ‘Swirls’ are in no way photogenic but think Snickers meets pastry and well you know, that’s just a taste sensation! So yes they look like turds but they tasted good so thats all I’m caring about!


When I went to buy the ingredients for this Fakeaway I was buying pastry and beans so it was safe to say I would have won the challenge hands down! So I added onto my total amount mince, rolls, butter, cheese, Spicetence rub and the treats below.

My total spend was Β£9.52!


If you’d like any recipes let me know! Jay is at the supermarket as I type getting this weeks ingredients for his Fakeaway, it sounds awesome so I’m really looking forward to it!

Till next week!




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