Buggy Friendly Walk – Falkirk Kelpies

It was a very rainy Easter Weekend but that didn’t stop us getting out for a walk with the pram. This time we went a little further than normal, to The Kelpies in Falkirk.

Time – 40 minutes, leisurely pace.

Distance – 2.4 miles

Address: The Helix, Grangemouth, Falkirk FK2 7ZT


You really can’t miss The Kelpies when your driving on the motorway heading there, they are 30 meter high horse head sculptures standing next to the Forth and Clyde Canal. The Kelpies were built to connect various communities within the Falkirk council. They were built in 2013 by a sculptor named Andy Scott.

When you arrive into the park there is a car park on your left, this car park is free of charge and is only a short 10 minute walk to the Kelpies and Visitors Centre over boardwalks. However if you wish to park closer there is a £3 charge (unlimited time), this is a new thing as when I was there last summer (2017) all car parks were free.

Anyway, once we were parked and got the pram organised with the rain cover etc (it was pouring down!) we headed for the path, we took the path to the left of the visitors centre and followed it along the canal, Alfie was off as per usual and we were hoping he wasn’t away for a swim as it would have been quite the challenge to get him back out!



The path on the left with the Kelpies on the right.

The paths were great, perfect for the pram. We had the Silvercross with us this time so the paths were ideal, nice and flat and well maintained. We followed the signs for ‘Love and Kisses’, not actually knowing what it was or how long it would take to get there as the sign posts didn’t have distances on them! We had around 40 minutes to complete the walk as we were meeting an artist at the Visitors Centre to collect a painting we had bought,  think Stephen Brown Art but authentic (and not a print!). Will show you the painting in a bit!

We walked to the end of the path in the above picture and then took a left, just before the little beach huts (they aren’t actually beach huts but this is the best I can describe them!). We followed the path along the river, only meeting 2 other people, well who would want to be out walking in that rain! The river looked as though it had been drained in places as the mud at the edges was so thick, we had to stop Alfie going in a few times, it looked swap like. He would have got stuck for sure!


Muddy river bed.

The path took a right turn over a bridge and then off to the left again, shortly after we then came to a cross roads, the path to the right was closed (not sure what for as we didn’t stop to read the signs in the rain) so we continued straight. Then in the distance we could see the ‘Love and Kisses’, a huge steel Love heart that lay on the grass. We parked the pram for a short while so that we could climb to the top, big kids so we are!

Jay on top of the giant love heart and little baby bear happy and cosy in her pram.

This is where turned to head back to the visitors centre to meet up with Jack Paton, the artist we were buying a painting from (Jacks Facebook Page can be found here!)

We didn’t spend any time at the visitors centre as we had Alfie with us however the cafe looked nice and there was a gift shop too.

Painting collected we made our way back to the car to get warm and dry!

Here is the painting up in the hall, it really is lovely and Jack very kindly done a small painting for Erica’s playroom which I’ll show you when it’s up! He then gave us a painting of Alfie which is great, I’ll get it framed and show you that too! It really is nice to buy off small businesses, as you might know I buy lots of things for Erica off small Instagram shops and love to share our finds so if you’re looking for some nice art for your home check out Jacks page!


Here is the last of The Kelpies photos!

Till next time,





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