Fakeaway Challenge Week 1!

With my statutory maternity pay coming to an end soon it was time for Jay and I to talk about something I absolutely HATE talking about, a budget!

I know I’m very fortunate to be in a position where I don’t need to return to work (at the moment) but we are still down roughly £550 a month now that my maternity pay is finishing so therefore we need to make a few cut backs on unnecessary expenses! If you know me you’ll probably know how much I love to spend money, I am the worst saver you’ll ever meet and I leave all the finances to Jay as I would just spend everything on Erica!

Champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget – that’s me!

We had a look at our account and it was quite a shock to see how much money we spend on take aways or nice food on the weekends, easily £50+ which is just crazy! £200 a month just on takeaways, and that’s not including the cheeky treats we pick up from Marks & Spencers (they do the best desserts don’t they?) or the quick lunch we grab while on the go at the weekend!

So, we set ourselves a little challenge –  The Fakeaway Challenge!

The Rules

  1. Stick to £15 ingredients budget (or as close as possible)
  2. Make 2 courses of your choice
  3. The budget doesn’t include beer or wine (that’s fair, right?)

So Jay decided he wanted to do the first week, he had been keeping it a secret till the day before what he was making! He had chosen to make some of my favourite food which was just fab!

I love Siam Sweet Chilli Chicken with Rice from the Chinese so this is what he made and it was delicious! Dessert was Melting Middle Banana & Chocolate Muffins and they were divine (it made 6 so there was plenty to last all weekend)!

His total spend was £17.82 so not far off the £15 target but that included all the ingredients, 2 bottles of juice and 2 bags of popcorn so I’d say it was a pretty good effort!


Next week it’s my turn, I’ve already decided on one course, I just need to think of another! I’m determined to beat Jay and stay under £17 – wish me luck!

Any budget tips send them my way, or if you know how to control a spend-a-holic then please give me a shout! I’m outta control!


I said the muffins look like weird yorkshire puddings, but they tasted tremendous!


Hope you enjoyed Fakeaway week 1! If you’d like the recipes for anything drop me a message in the comments box or use the Contact Me section on the website!





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