3.28 miles through Chatelherault!

I’m guessing by now you probably know I love Chatelherault Country Park! I walk here as much as I can and now with the new improvements to the paths its fast becoming my favourite place to walk with the pram!

Details on how to get to Chatelherault are found in this blog Buggy Friendly Walk – Chatelherhault Country Park (Dukes Monument)

Distance – 3.28miles

Time – 58 minutes including stopping time

This walk was completely pram friendly, no stairs this time and the majority of the walk was on the new gravel paths that are being lay which are lovely and smooth. The walk starts by taking the 3rd left as you leave the visitors centre, heading over the large stone bridge. After the bridge I took a right and followed the path up past the Cadzow ruins, you could go straight on from the bridge but there looked to be some large tree roots that I didn’t fancy pushing the pram over. Anyway when you get to the cross-road take a left, turning right would be The Dukes Monument Walk (see above link!).


View from over the bridge.


Follow the path past the Cadzow Oaks which are on your right, the trail is rocky at points until you are past the oaks, you will then see the new path, following this the woodlands open up to reveal a beautiful view down to the river. There have been a lot of trees cut down at this section of the woods, it was quite surprising to be honest. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen from my stories that day the extent in which it has been cut down, all for a good cause I guess!




It was a rare sunny day in Scotland so we made the most of it by walking for over 1.5 miles, we passed a few other walkers but as it was mid-week it was very quite, just how I like it! I love to stop and listen to what I call ‘earth noise!’, really its just nature and silence but it makes me calm, centred and focused (weirdo I hear you all say!!)

You’ll pass a large field on your right, the farmer was out spreading manure and it was rather smelly, you soon get used to the smell though! I continued walking until I came to the first bench, Erica had woke up so we had a little chat about where we were and what she could see and hear and then we turned to head back. Continuing on this trail would take you to the green bridge, I’ll be sure to do this walk another day!


Great paths with Alfie in the distance and my little adventure buddy!


On the way back the farmer had finished spreading and now sheep were in the field, it was lovely to see all the lambs, along with the sunshine really made it feel like a spring day!



On the way back I decided to stop at the Cadzow Oaks, I had read in the local newspaper last summer that one of the Oak Trees had been set alight by vandals. The tree was over 800 years old. I don’t understand why someone would set alight to a living tree, especially one that forms part of a nationally significant wooded area. I knew what tree it would be, the one right in the middle, where I had many an Easter Egg Hunt with the children I worked with, it was a fabulous tree and now it has been completely ruined. Theres a memorial bench just across from it for people to admire the view, what a shame for those who put that bench there, the oaks obviously had a significant meaning to them and now that view has been taken away, such a shame.



The 800 year old burnt oak tree.


After the oaks your just over 0.5k back to the visitors centre, crossing back over the bridge and heading up the hill to the car park.

We really enjoyed this walk, the sun was out, you could see the snowdrops and daffodils starting to make an appearance and the paths were great (hilly in places!). It will definitely be a regular for us in the Spring and Summer! Alfie had a great time and he was able to go into the stream in a few different places for a cool down and a drink!

I promise to feature other Buggy Friendly Places to walk soon! Chatelherault is only a 10 minute drive for us but we have lots of walks planned throughout the summer!

Is there somewhere you would like to walk but not sure if its pram friendly? Send me a DM on Instagram or Facebook and I’ll be sure to check it out for you and write a blog about the route!

Oh and for all those who have DM’d me about Ericas City Mini GT footmuff it’s from the lovely Laura at RoRo Taggy – amazing quality and such beautiful fabrics! This was the first time she had made anything with this fabric and I just love it! It makes the teal GT look a bit more girly!

walk 2




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