Not so buggy friendly, buggy friendly walk! – Chatelherault Country Park (Hoolets Row)

At the weekend we went off on another walk in Chatelherault, a favourite of ours as I’m sure you all know!

If you’ve never been to Chatelherault and need details on how to find it check out this previous blog for all the details!  Buggy Friendly Walk – Chatelherhault Country Park (Dukes Monument)

This time we decided to follow the signs for the White Bridge, please be aware there are still signs up to tell you that The White Bridge is closed due to a landslide. We were only planning on walking to the bridge then turning back, however that’s not quite how it went!

Leaving from the visitors centre take the second turning on your left and go through the metal gate (sometimes closed however walking space is to the left) and follow the path down the hill.

At the moment it is very wet and muddy underfoot, most likely due to the amount of traffic on site just now for all of the tree felling. I was so glad we decided to take the ‘Baby Jogger City Mini GT’ pram and not the Silvercross!


View to the right looking towards the bridge at the start of the walk.


Continue to follow the path straight down, this is a pretty simple walk in terms of directions. The terrain is what becomes an issue! If you have a dog with you and they like playing in the water there are a good few points where the river slows and dogs can enjoy the water. Alfie as usual was running in and out as he pleased, getting muddy and wet are his favourite things! Click below to see Alfies Instagram Highlights!

Ahhh, the life of Alfie boy!


Not the best photo as it was taken from a distance but you get the idea!


You’ll then pass a sign saying ‘Hoolet Row’ (also a good water playing point!) and then shortly after you will come across the warning signs for the White Bridge, you can see the construction work of some board walks being made and new paths being lay. I can’t wait to explore when it’s all completed!

This is where your walk may come to an end as the next section of the walk contains a lot of stairs! Please also note to get to this stage of the walk you will go through lots of mud so appropriate footwear and a good terrain pram would be a good idea! I’m not sure if these paths will be relayed like the others but it would be great if they were!


We decided to conquer the stairs, mainly due to the fact that at either side seemed wide enough for us to push the pram up. Jay took over (thankfully!), it was hard work walking up in the slippy mud never mind pushing the pram up too.

We had been wanting to put the City Mini GT to the test so I guess this was as good a time as ever! It handled the mud and rocky terrain no problem, we were very impressed. Erica slept the entire time so it couldn’t have been that bumpy a ride!


As you may see from the top 3 photos the stairs are being replaced, another great thing happening within the park and then at the top of the stairs you can see the new gravel path that has been put down (bottom left photo) . This is only for a short distance but hopefully the entire route is complete in the near future.

This is quite a steep section on the route and I wouldn’t recommend you take any other pram other than a terrain pram.


Only part of the way up!


Once you reach the top of the stairs there is a bench looking out over the woodlands, we stopped here to catch our breath, have a drink and get the rain cover out as the good old Scottish weather had taken a turn! Erica was still sound asleep, the fresh air just does wonders for her (and us!)

The rest of the route is relatively flat (in comparison to what you’ve just been through!), follow the path and the woodlands open up a little (and the skies!) and you will walk alongside the golf course until  eventually you come back out at the visitors centre. If you would rather walk down the stairs other than up then at he beginning of the trail when leaving the visitors centre take the first turn on your left instead of the second! If you do decide to do this I’d recommend you wait till the new stairs are complete or at least until the weather brightens up a little to dry some of the mud out, otherwise you might be sliding down to the bottom!

So there we have another weekend adventure complete!


Total Distance – 2.56 miles

Time – 56 minutes (including stops) 




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