Erica’s 6 Month Update!


E R I C A J O Y C E • 21 weeks • What a busy week it’s been • On Saturday you had a daddy daughter date while mummy went for afternoon tea with Lisa, we then went back to hers for a little cuddle before heading home 🍾💕 • We have been down to Chatelherault with Alfie and thankfully this time he didn’t run away 🙄 🐶 • On Monday we had more snow ❄️ so we enjoyed a snowy walk round the farms then had a chilled afternoon at home • Marcus came to visit with his mummy and we enjoyed tea and chocolate buns before lent started, mummy also made Nutella crepes for after dinner, you didn’t have any but I’m sure you’ll get plenty next year 🙈 • you also celebrated your 1st Valentines Day by making some canvas paintings for Daddy,Granlad and Great Papa, they loved them 🎨 • You’ve been to sensory, Wrigglers and been to visit Great Gran and Papa and Nanny and Granlad • you got a nice gift in the post from Great Auntie Jackie & Great Uncle Derek, I can’t wait to photograph it when it’s up in your playroom • mummy has been to Pilates again, this time you played with Amber and mummy near enough managed the whole session while you played 🧘‍♀️ • This week you’ve tasted lots of new foods, looks like we’re going down the Baby lead weaning route as your just not up for being spoon fed, little diva 💁🏼‍♀️👶🏼 • We also took your sleepyhead away so mummy has had some sleepless nights getting you to settle but I know it’ll be a few more nights and you’ll get used to having the extra space • We love you so much little EJ • Here you are with your boyfriend Hugo holding hands at your last Wrigglers class 😢 • Mummy has also put all your updates into her blog, I can’t wait for you to spend time reading it when your older 📖 • “ For all the things my hand have held, the best by far is you “


E R I C A J O Y C E • 22 weeks • This week you’ve been out for lunch in Porter & Rye with mummy and daddy, you were wanting to steal all the food as usual when out • We went on a nice woodland walk with Alfie down to The Dukes Monument 🐶 • Nanny, Granlad and Great Gran and Papa all came to visit you on Sunday 💕 • We’ve been out for Afternoon Tea with Julie 🍰 • Had a spontaneous mid week dinner in a local hotel which was yummy, the waitresses and waiters were spoiling you and you gave them a signature Erica smile 😁 • We went for coffee and a walk with Hugo and then had breakfast with Evie and Hugo another day • You’ve had your ankle checked by the dr, as always you were good as gold 👩‍⚕️ • Uncle Rob & Auntie Karyn came to visit, you were licked all over by Lola as usual 🐾 • We’ve been to Baby Sensory and had lunch with Hugo again, you guys are so cute together 💕 • “Love is meant to be an adventure “ Gordon B. Hinckley



E R I C A J O Y C E • 23 weeks • This week we enjoyed a nice walk at Whitelee Windfarm (blog online) before the snow came ☃️ • You’ve been tasting lots more food and want to eat every time we do 🍉 • We have enjoyed lots of snowy walks with Alfie 🐶 and made a little snow family in the garden • ‘Every snowflake is a kiss on your sweet cold nose’ ❄️


E R I C A J O Y C E • 24 weeks • This week we have had Sunday lunch with Nanny and Granlad and been to visit great gran and papa 👴🏻 👵🏻 • We have been to sensory twice and you were finally reunited with Hugo after a long snow week 💕 when you saw each other you both smiled and held hands 😍 your so cute together • We went to Erin’s and mummy had coffee while you played with Penelope • We have been to Pilates and then celebrated great grans 89th birthday 🎂 she said seeing you was the best birthday gift 💝 • Now for a busy weekend 🎉 • Happy 24 weeks baby girl 😭(stop growing now!)


E R I C A J O Y C E • 25 weeks • This past week you have been to celebrate Rebekah’s 25th Birthday 🎂 • We had our first Mother’s Day together 💕 we went to Brig O Doon and the beach, it was just perfect • We’ve been out walking with Alfie 🐶 • We got your passport photos taken 📷, getting organised for Dubai and to also gatecrash a few of Nanny and Granlads holidays!! • You moved into your big girl room 😭 but your sleeping much better in there 😊 • We have been to Baby Sensory with Amber and you’ve had a daddy daughter day while mummy went for lunch with some friends 💝 • Next week is your half birthday, I don’t think I’m quite ready for that 😭 •



26 W E E K S
6 M O N T H S



Now someone please tell me where the last 6 months have gone? We will be planning her first birthday before we know it!


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