Top 5 baby must haves for the early days!

I thought I would write a quick post on the top 5 things that we LOVED when Erica was a newborn! Every new or expecting mum researches into what they feel they may need. We tried to keep things basic and not buy to many gadgets but these are the few things we felt were really beneficial!

Sleepyhead Deluxe

This has probably got to be the best thing we have bought in terms of sleep aids for Erica. She absolutely loved her sleepyhead and it was great for moving into different rooms when needed. When she was a tiny newborn it would come downstairs with us and sit on the couch, she would nap happily in there during the day and then at night it would come back up with us. It’s great for taking places as it comes with a carry bag, I found this especially helpful when we got evacuated from our house due to a fire (not in my house, a nearby car garage), it was easy for me just to pop it into the bag and take it to my mums house. It meant we could safely co-sleep in the double bed as she was snug in her little bed beside me.

The sleepyhead is quite expensive and states it should last baby until they are 8 months, however Erica had outgrown hers by 5 months even with the clip open at the bottom (this extends the length by a few inches), so we went cold turkey and took it away. This is how we discovered how good it really is, I think we had possibly 4 nights of next to no sleep when we first took it away! She did start to get better at sleeping but then we hit the first sleep regression, que getting up every 1.5-2 hours per night (yawnnnnn!). We continued to battle through each night then come 4/5am we would bring her into the bed so that we could at least get a few hours sleep before Jay was up for work. As soon as she was in our bed she was out for the count within seconds, some said it was because she wanted to be near us but she didn’t actually need to be near us to sleep, she could be at the end of the bed and still be the same, or we didn’t even need to be in the bed and she would be sound asleep. So what was the problem? Once the Sleepyhead was away Erica was in the Snuzpod which we really liked as it was slim, compact and contemporary (more on this later) but she didn’t enjoy sleeping in it. Was the mattress to thin, was it cold, did she want the sides up, sides down, sleeping bag or blankets. We went through it all! In the end it came down to the sleepyhead, she seemed to like the secure feeling of it being wrapped round her, we couldn’t put it back into the Snuzpod though as she was now to big so we decided to take out the inner tube and put it under the sheet in her cot to see if it helped, well we are now one week in and her sleep has improved dramatically! Only last week we were up every 2 hours where as last night she went down at 7.30 and didn’t wake till 3.30 am (ok so we were up checking on her but that’s not the point!) she then went back down at 4am till 6am! Some people say she should be sleeping through the night but after the last few weeks we will take it and at 3.30 when she wanted cuddles I was more than happy to give them!

Will we invest in the next size of sleepyhead? Possibly, but for now this is working and I think I’d like to attempt to wean her off it again as we are off to Dubai in June and can’t exactly take it with us! I’ve made it as wide as possible so hope to make it one long side instead of the horseshoe shape over the coming weeks before removing. Lets just see how it goes!

A must buy if your baby likes lots of close, cosy cuddles to sleep, I even have a few friends who have bought one when baby was a few months old and its helped them too!



Look how tiny she was!

Pac a Pod

Believe it or not Jay wanted a say in what changing bag we got for Erica! Reason being, my handbag! I used to use a bucket style handbag and just flung everything into it that I needed. It was a nightmare to find anything but I just couldn’t be bothered sorting it and having little pockets for everything, so Jay HATED my handbag. Funny how he always used to put his keys etc in it when we were out! So when it came to choosing a change bag he said he needed it to be organised, that when a poonami struck he had everything to hand that he needed! So we set about researching and found the pac a pod, a changing bag that had a parent compartment and then a back zip which contained two separate ‘pods’, one for feeding and one for changing! I LOVE my pac a pod, it’s so handy and we know exactly where everything is, when out we can just take one ‘pod’ to the changing area instead of the whole bag etc. The parent section takes my purse and we have a small zip bag in there with ‘extras’ for Erica such as teething toys, medication, spare dummies etc. The zip bag is from a company on Instagram called @deetsboutique (Use code EJ10 for 10% off) I also have a spare change of clothes in their as I tend to carry lots of nappies and wipes that I can’t fit them in the change pod. Possibly not the best as if i take the pod out and then need the clothes I’m a little stuck! Anyway love the pac a pod and would highly recommend it! It turns into a backpack too which is great if you need your hands free!


I am looking for another change bag to take to Dubai that is bigger and is back pack style if anyone can recommend one? Not to expensive as it will probably get wrecked on the flight and with suncream etc! If anyone has a large backpack style change bag that can still remin orgiansed drop me a DM!

Angelcare Bath Seat

We didn’t bother with a baby bath as we didn’t think we would get the use out of it so instead we decided to get the Angelcare baby bath seat. It was a nice soft material and had a good recline unlike some of the others we had looked it! We started to use it the day after we got home from hospital and Erica loves it, we are still using it now and she is 6 months although we have now purchased the age 6month+ seat but she isn’t as keen as she doesn’t like the water going over her eyes (good luck us when we start swimming lessons this week!!) The price is great, its easy to keep clean and is comfortable! A great product and a must buy! Also good for popping on the bathroom floor while you run the bath so baby isn’t left rolling about on the cold changing mat/floor!



When researching moses baskets and cribs while pregnant I came across the Snuzpod, I didn’t want to spend unnecessary money on a moses basket as I knew she wouldn’t be in it for long so I decided a ‘next to me’ style crib would be best as it would last longer. Theres a few of this style on the market now but the main reason I chose the Snuzpod was because the top section comes off meaning we could use it downstairs during the day then move it back upstairs at night. This was my main reason for choosing the Snuzpod over other brands and then guess what, I never once brought the top section downstairs! Although I did take just the one section away with us when we went on a mini break so it meant that Erica still had her usual sleeping arrangements other than a travel cot so it did get its use (once!).

The Snuzpod is also much slimmer than other brands of co sleeping cribs which is great if your restricted for space in your bedroom. I now need to pack it away as Erica has moved into the big cot in her own room, this makes me sad as its such a lovely piece of nursery furniture, I might eave it our for a few more weeks!


Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

If you know me you will know I was 100% against, yes you read it right I was against the perfect prep machine. I had seen all over social media (years before falling pregnant) the tubes being mouldy and how that made babies sick and that was enough to put me off! However I am now converted. After I stopped breastfeeding Erica I learned very quickly that she wasn’t going to wait any longer than about 10 seconds on a bottle! Therfore I wasn’t able to make them traditionally with boiling water and let them cool,  even rapid cooling in cold icy water wasn’t quick enough for Erica! So we went for it, but before we purchased a perfect prep we both discussed the pros and cons and decided that if it made her sick in any way then it would be packed away. We followed the instructions and set up the machine, made her first bottle in about 3 minutes and she took it fine. Erica does like a hot bottle and the perfect prep doesn’t quite make it warm enough for her, therefore we set the machine to an ounce less than what she takes and then just top it up with an ounce of kettle boiled water. I know this may seem like a waste of the machines purpose but we have been doing it for so long we don’t even notice anymore, it’s just part of making a bottle to us!

I’ve always changed the filter when required (warning lights tell you when it needs changed) and I’ve even taken it apart to make sure we didn’t have any of the nasty mouldy tubes like social media showed!

If your baby wants milk and wants it NOW, get a perfect prep machine!


So there we have it – my top5 ‘must haves’ for a new baby!







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