My first Mothers Day 2018

“A mother is like a flower, each one beautiful and unique”

This was my very first mothers day, last year Erica was just a little bump in my tummy. I feel so privileged that I get to be her mummy. I tell her everyday how much I love her, probably multiple times a day. Sometimes I could just cry looking at her! She really is the greatest gift in the world.

I’m sure all mothers feel that way towards their children at some point in time, I’m sure they also have days where their children drive them up the wall (I have all this to come!) but I do know that no matter what I will love this little munchkin for all of my days.

So for my first Mothers Day I got some beautiful flowers and a cute card however the best part of the day was spending it with Erica and Jay. We went for lunch in Brig O Doon, where we got married, it’s always so special to return and reminisce. Lunch was delicious as always and Erica had a little taste of everything. The girl likes her food, definitely a mini Jay and Jen, put her in a high chair and she starts shouting at you for the grub!


Her wee face makes my heart melt, I’m typing this as she naps upstairs in her big girl cot. My heart aches to have her beside me at all times but I know she needs to grow, get bigger, more independent, more adventurous and live her life. However I will always be her safe place, an ear to listen, a hand to hold and a shoulder to cry on. Forever my baby she will be.

Anyway back to lunch! I forgot to take photos of some of the food so here’s what I did get!

We ate in the restaurant and then had our desert in the ball room where we had our wedding, it was cooler and we had space to put Erica in her pram as she was starting to get tired. Those who know me know I don’t like to have alcohol when out with Erica, I’m not sure why it’s just not my style however I had a small glass of prosecco to celebrate the gift of being a mummy. As always EJ tried to steal some, wee monkey!


Think she’s going to be like her mummy and enjoy some bubbles!

Wedding day 2015 V’s Mothers Day 2018

After lunch we went for a drive down to Ayr Beach, this was the first time Erica had been to the beach and she seemed to really enjoy it. We let her feel some sand and she loved watching the dogs run in and out the water. It was a beautiful sunny day, shame it wasn’t like that on our wedding day!

For me the day was just perfect, spent with the ones I love and the girl who made me a mummy!



So what about my mum on Mothers Day? Well she was flying away to Feurtenventura on Mothers Day so I didn’t get to see her, she did however come over on Saturday with my dad to see Erica before she left. Every year I can never decide what to get her for the occasion, a gift that tells her I love and appreciate her and all that she does for us as a family so I had to get my thinking cap on this year. I knew she would have been happy with some wine and a photo of her best girl (Erica, not me!) so I decided to go down the photo route but this time it had to be extra special, not just any photo, not even one from Erica’s photo shoot but something she wasn’t able to get.

A picture of Erica with her great grandparents who have sadly passed away, when Erica was only a week old we booked to go to London for her to meet my Nanny, my mums mum, Joyce. Sadly the following week she passed away suddenly leaving us all shocked and heartbroken. I’m so thankful Jay wanted to give Erica the middle name Joyce to carry on her memory. So how was I going to get this picture? I started to do some research during the many night feeds you do with a newborn and that’s when I found ‘Charlie’s Drawings’.

I contacted Charlie and discussed the picture, all I had to do was send over some photos of each person I wanted him to draw and he would piece it all together to make it look like one photo. I choose for it to look like a detailed sketch rather than just a pencil sketch but I also didn’t want it to be coloured like a photo – no problem for Charlie! I got some photos and sent them over, Charlie choose what ones were best to fit together naturally and then he got to work. About a week later I got sent a copy of the drawing by email, when I opened it it had me in tears, it was fantastic. The detail in the drawings and how natural he made it look was amazing. The drawing arrived in the post a few days later ready for me to frame and wrap for my mum. I gave her the drawing on Saturday night and she had the same reaction as me, she loved it! I’ll link Charlies website below for anyone who would like something similar done!


It’s a picture that means the world to me, I wish Erica had been able to meet them but she will grow up hearing all about them and how incredible they were.

I’d like to finish my wishing everyone a very Happy Mothers Day, whether you saw them or didn’t, if they are living or not, if you have been a mum for 5 days or 5 years know how special being a mum is. Your child depends on you, not only when they are young but through all their adult years too. Be there for them through everything, good or bad, support them and love them unconditionally and they will do the same for you.

Much love,




Charlie’s Drawings –

Erica’s Dress – Mamas & Papas

EJ’s Fur Coat – Next




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