Buggy Friendly Walk – Strathclyde Country Park

Today I took the opportunity to get out with Alfie and Erica now that ‘The Beast from the East’ has passed.  Strathclyde Country Park is only a short distance from where we live so I jumped in the car and headed there today.

Distance – 3.73 miles

Time – 58 minutes (including stopping for photos, fixing Erica’s hat and dealing with Alfie who went head first into the water!)

Steps – 7,600 (approx)

park 2

Heading South on the M74 take exit 5 and follow the signs for the park. There are several car parks at various parts of the loch so it’s entirely up to you where you decide to start. Today I parked at the front of the rowing club,  I find this the quietest place to park so I always have lots of space to get Alfie out along with the pram.

The route is pathed the entire way although can be muddy in places, a few hills near the forest end of the park but nothing to hard.

Toilets are located at the rowing club, at M&D’s theme park and also near the little food truck (I’ve never used these so not sure if they are open all year round or not).

At the rowing club there is a small cafe which I have been to once before (not on this visit) however I wasn’t really impressed after they charged me 50p for 60ml of hot water to add to Erica’s bottle. Then told me I had to make the bottle at the counter as I was at risk of burning someone?! It was however quite acceptable to have hot drinks at your table, just not a warm bottle of baby milk?! When I questioned this whole load of nonsense I was told it was for Health and Safety and that they had to charge for hot water otherwise everyone would want some! Funny really but at the time I was taken aback by it all! I didn’t use the baby change facilities so cannot comment on these, maybe they cost £1 to use, who knows!!

Anyway, we set off and first thing Alfie had to do was chase some geese and ducks in the water,  we were soaked within the first few minutes, nothing new there then! I gave him a ball so he would entertain himself rather than torment the wildlife!

Heres a few photos of the walk round.


Alfie was absolutely filthy by the end of the walk that I purposely threw his ball in the water to clean him off a bit, not that he was bothered as he loves the water. Nearing the car I put his ball under the pram and allowed him to walk ahead a little, he was just walking along the water’s edge going in and out quite happily. We were back at the car and he decided to go into the water one last time only this time he went head first into really deep part where the rowers set off. It was so funny to watch, I wish I had taken a video of him! Anyway he was then stuck wasn’t he? I had to get a lady walking along, also in stitches laughing may I add to watch Erica while I went to drag him out by the collar! Just aswell he had his collar on as we took it off last week after he kept shaking during the night and waking Erica up! If he didn’t have it on I’ve no idea how I would have rescued him! Silly boy!

Anyway were back at the car now, here’s a soggy Alfie and a cute smily Erica at the end of todays walk!




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