Porter & Rye – Finnieston, Glasgow

Last weekend we ventured off into Glasgow to visit Porter & Rye for lunch to use a voucher that a friend had got us for Christmas.

When Jay booked the table online he sent a message to ask if the restaurant was pram friendly, he never had a reply so then we messaged them on Facebook to ask the same question, again no reply! This was slightly disappointing however we decided to take the pram and see what happened once we arrived!

Our booking was for 12 and when we arrived with the pram nothing was mentioned, I jokingly said “Oh I hope were not upstairs” the waiter replied to say if we were he would move our table to be downstairs. We were sitting in a booth inbetween two other booths, this worked well as the pram could go beside us and we had space to lay Erica down to put her snowsuit on when we were leaving.


The restaurant itself is quite small, the decor is nice and the staff were friendly. It looked like there was more seating upstairs than down however I never went to look. Porter & Rye dry age all of the meats in-house and have a good selection in the fridge to view.

Our meal voucher was for a Chateaubriand, and a glass of prosecco each. We opted to substitute the prosecco  for soda water and lime as we had driven in. We were given the menu to decide if we wanted to add sides and sauces to the dish.

We added a side of Bone Marrow Mac & Cheese and a portion of Beef Dripping Chips along with a Peppercorn & Brandy Sauce and a Port & Blue Cheese sauce.

The food was nice and the service was quick. We were given a small canapé which was served with a bread basket and rock salted butter.


Meat Selection c





Overall the lunch was nice, the steak was cooked how we asked and the service was good. Was this restaurant baby friendly, probably not however we would probably go back if Erica was to stay with her Nanny & Granlad for the afternoon!

Do you have a favourite steak house in Glasgow, I’d love to hear of new places as we love to eat out?!






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