Erica’s 5 Month Update!


E R I C A J O Y C E • 17 weeks • This week I have enjoyed all the snow as I get to go out in the Baby carrier and I love being snuggled close to my mummy and daddy ❄️ • I’m also so so close to rolling over but my arm keeps getting stuck 😂 • I’ve had fun watching the garden getting done and can’t wait to play outside in the summer ☀️ • I’ve had my last lot of jags which resulted in some projectile vomit all over the carpet and my sleeping bag 😐 I then had to go to Out Of Hours in the middle of the night with a high temperature 🤒 of 39.5! I’m feeling much better now tho, thank you to everyone who text and phoned mummy to see how I was 💕 • I’ve had dinner with Nanny and Granlad and they gave me my bath 🛀 and lots of snuggles before I went to bed and they set off for London • Thank you for my new top Nanny (@paulinefinlayson ) 😘• ‘All wrapped up with love’ 💖




E R I C A J O Y C E • 18 weeks • This week you have watched the garden being completed, it’s all ready for you to play in when the summer comes ☀️ • We went on some snowy walks with Alfie 🐶 • You tasted some more new foods, carrots seem to be your favourite so far 🥕 • You’ve started to nap in your big girl cot in your own room 😢 that makes mummy and daddy sad, where has our baby gone 👶🏼 • you’ve been to Wrigglers, Bookbug & Sensory and also had coffee with Hugo, Lucie and Evie 💕 • You are so so close to rolling over and get so frustrated with yourself when your little arm gets stuck and stops you 😂 • Busy weekend planned and time to celebrate Uncle @rbfnlysn ‘s birthday 🎁 • “You are my today and all of my tomorrows” 👨‍👩‍👧 •



E R I C A J O Y C E • 19 weeks • This week you’ve celebrated Uncle Robs birthday and Nanny’s birthday 🎁 • You’ve saw great gran and papa too 👵🏻👴🏻• On Sunday you rolled from back to front and then on Monday you started rolling from back to front… now you won’t stop and then shout at us if your arm gets stuck 😂 • You’ve tasted lots more foods and have been enjoying them all which is great 🥄 • you got a new big girl bath seat which you like as you can kick your legs more 🛀 • We’ve had snow again ❄️ and you’ve moved into the big girl part of your pram 😢 mummy isn’t quite ready to pack away the carry cot part, I might need to put you in it a few more times before it goes into the box 📦 • you’ve had fun at Baby sensory, Daisy Wrigglers and coffee with Hugo 💕 • “How wonderful life is, now your in the world “ 🎶


E R I C A J O Y C E • 20 weeks • How are you 5 months old already!? 😢 • This week we went out for lunch with daddy and went down to Lanark for a little walk, it was such a beautiful day • Granlad also came for dinner as Nanny was away on a girls weekend, you had lots of smiles for him which was lovely 😊 they love you so much • Mummy started Pilates but you got to come too which was great 🧘‍♀️ • We have had more snow and enjoyed walking Alfie, now your in the bed girl pram you love to watch him play 🐶 • you have been to see great gran and papa too, they don’t listen to anyone when you are there, they just coo over you and tell you how much they love you 😍 • You’ve been to Wrigglers and Baby sensory, had lunch with Lauren, Marcus and Kade and been for coffee with Evie, Hugo and Lucie 👶🏼😊 • Hugo came back for a play date after Sensory today but he slept the whole time 💤 • Then to finish off the week you sat up for the first time on your own with no help, we are so proud of you but where has our baby gone 🤷🏼‍♀️!? • “Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth, for what they believe is what they will become”


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