Erica’s 4 Month Update!

IMG_4152E R I C A J O Y C E • 13 weeks • What a busy week we have had EJ! • You’ve been to Cafe Ceramico to have your handprint put on a Christmas Bauble • you’ve been on your first holiday to Crieff Hydro with Nanny & Granlad and Alfie🐶 (and us of course!), we went on nice walks and you went swimming for the first time and loved it 💕 • we put you in the big girl pushchair, you loved it but mummy and daddy aren’t quite ready for you to be in it yet 😢, you need to stay a baby a little longer • you had your first daisy Christmas party 🎅🏼 and dressed as a little reindeer • you also had your second set of injections, you were so brave 😊 • you’ve been receiving lots of lovely gifts in the post, you are very loved 😁😍 • you’ve been to your baby sensory Christmas party as a little elf and tonight we have snuggled by the fire watching The Snowman ⛄️ • “Christmas is a together sort of Holiday” (Pooh) “that’s my favourite kind” said Piglet 👨‍👩‍👧💕

IMG_4501E R I C A J O Y C E • 14 weeks • This week we celebrated your first Christmas 🎄 , you were truly spoiled by those who love you 💕 we had a wonderful Christmas Day where we went to visit your Great Gran & Papa, the joy you bring them melts my heart • we went on a nice snowy Boxing Day Walk with Nanny & Granlad ❄️ • we also met Baby Marcus for the first time, he is so handsome 😍 • we’ve been on nice walks with Alfie boy 🐶 and played in the snow ☃️ • we have also enjoyed lots of snuggles in the house in front of the fire 😊 • “ Love is a song that never ends “ Bambi



E R I C A J O Y C E • 15 weeks • This week you have been on a lunch date with Auntie Rebekah who got you lots of cute Winnie the Pooh Clothes 🍯 • we got you a new little snug chair which you love as your so nosey so you have a great time watching mummy and daddy cook in the kitchen 😄 • We celebrated New Year, well you slept but mummy and daddy had some bubbles by the fire 🍾🥂 • We then had a nice family dinner at Nanny & Granlads and you saw your great Gran & Papa and Uncle Rob & Auntie Karyn 💕 • Then that night we were evacuated as a building across the road went in fire 🔥, it was pretty scary as it was so close but luckily the wind was blowing the other direction and we were all safe after going back to Nanny and Granlads 👨‍👩‍👧 🐶 • we also enjoyed some snowy winter walks with Alfie ⛄️🌨• we are so excited to see you grow,develop and learn in 2018 but at the same time we wish we could slow time down, your getting so big so fast • “Time spent together is time well spent” Pooh 🐻




E R I C A J O Y C E • 16 weeks • 4 whole months old 😮😢 • Right, who’s the time thief as we need to have words 🤔! • This week has been nice and chilled, we’ve been on some nice walks and ran off some of Alfie’s energy • The Health Visitor has been out and you now weigh a chunky 14.1lbs, your all signed off now so it’s all down to mummy and daddy 😂 • You started a new class, Daisy Wrigglers, you loved it and laughed and smiled the whole way through! • We’ve been to see Great Gran and Papa and Nanny & Granlad, your seeing them again in the morning to put the finishing touches to your room 💕 • Today marks 1 whole year since we found out we were having you, we kept you a guarded secret close to our hearts ♥️ and only told a select few people! What a year it’s been, Erica Joyce you have made our lives complete 😍👶🏼👨‍👩‍👧 • “Let me love you a little more before your not little anymore” •


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