Erica’s 2 Month Update!

E R I C A J O Y C E • 5 weeks 😮 • how did that happen!? Just look at that beautiful face and smile 💕 • this past week you’ve been to London and back, you were an absolute star the entire time, even on the horrid journey home • we’ve met up with lots of Daisy mums for lunch and been on lots of nice walks in the village with Alfie 🍂 🐶 • your Nanny and Grandlad gave you a bath and you gave them big smiles, they loved having you for 3 days when in London they came straight to visit again when home 😍 • you are still being showered with gifts which is so lovely 😊 • your so close to giving us a giggle and trying so hard all the time • you’ve been weighed again and now a lovely 10lb 7oz, your health visitor is amazed and how alert you are, how strong you are how much you love to smile • We made a wish and you came true EJ 💕




These perfect little fingers are those of little EJ who is 6 weeks old today 🙈 • We’ve had a pretty chilled out week with lots of walks teaching Alfie to walk beside the pram and having lots of fresh air! You’ve moved onto size 2 teats as your such a little grubber although you still have size 1 for your night feed as your still sleepy and end up giving us a milk shower by spraying it all over the place! Your getting into a nice routine but scream like crazy if your not upstairs for bed by 8pm and it must be daddy who rocks you to sleep, by night time you’ve had enough of mummy😂!! We also started Christmas shopping for you 🎅🏼 which is super exciting 😀! Onto another week of adventures …. ‘As soon as we saw you we knew a grand adventure was about to happen’ Winnie the Pooh.




E R I C A J O Y C E • 7 W E E K S • I know she had a big dummy ruining this photo but just look how cute she is! • This week you had a visit from the Health Visitor, you now weigh a chunky 11lbs and showed how you can lift your head during tummy time • We also started Baby Sensory which you loved, especially all the lights and music 🎧 •you slept through the night for the first time, and then another night you only slept a few hours 🙈😂 cheeky monkey 🐒 • your loving bath time so much we have started to take away your seat towards the end to dunk you in deep ready for when you start swimming lessons in the new year 🏊💦, you love it and don’t even mind when the water goes in your eyes • Our little sunshine ☀️ • ‘Any day spent with you is my favourite day, so today is my new favourite day’ Winnie the Pooh 💕




E R I C A J O Y C E • 8 weeks • I don’t even know how that happened 🙈🤷‍♀️! • This week you had your 6 week check up, at 8 weeks 🙄, everything went great, the Dr was surprised how alert and smiley you were even after she woke you up! • We have been on lots of walks with other mummies and babies which has been lovely 😊 • You started Baby massage classes where we met another cute baby boy from the village 💕 • We went to week 2 of Baby sensory, this week you fell asleep towards the end but you still loved it, it was Children In Need week so we had a Teddy Bears Picnic! At Sensory you met another little baby girl from the village who is only 3 weeks older than you, her Mum and I think you’ll grow up to be good friends 😍 • You went with mummy to meet the girls she used to Nanny, it was so nice to see them and they were so good at holding you that you fell fast asleep 💤 • You met Chris who came over for coffee ☕️ • Santa started getting your gifts in but learned very quickly that next year he needs to be more organised 😂🎅🏼 • Yesterday also marked the 1 year anniversary since mummy and daddy were last at the fertility clinic, it was the last procedure mummy had as in the New Year we found out we were having you 💕👶🏼, the NHS is just amazing 😀 • “Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart “ Winnie the Pooh.




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