Erica’s 1 month Update!

I have been doing weekly updates on Erica from the moment she was born however I would love to document them on here for her to see when she is older as I have no idea if Instagram will still be as popular or even exist! Will wordpress exist? Will Erica allow me on Social Media or will she be too embarrassed! Who knows!

Anyway here’s what Erica got up-to in her first month earthside!



E R I C A J O Y C E O R R • 1 WEEK • 1 week of love, a love like no other • 1 week of cuddles in our newborn bubble where we banned visitors to get to know our precious baby • 1 week of poop and today’s first poonami all over both of us which required a bath • today we registered you, making you an official little human • we have been out to 2 different parks and explored the local village • you met both sets of grandparents and nearly all your great grandparents, Great Nanny Joyce will meet you in December • you met your crazy furry brother, he’s a little bit scared of you still, especially when you’re in your swing but he likes to sniff your toes • you met your aunt and uncle and got to cuddle a firefighter • Erica, we love you like we ever knew possible


E R I C A J O Y C E • 2 W E E K S • The saddest 2 week update and one I never thought I’d be writing so soon especially after only booking to go visit a few days ago but Erica Joyce sadly won’t get to meet her Great Nanny Joyce in London as she passed away so suddenly Thursday night • Erica will grow up to learn about how she was a kind gentle lady who always had time for everyone, she would put everyone first before herself and for that we admired her • As always A.A Milne quotes the good times and the bad, “If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, carry me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever” • love you forever Nanny 💕 • Erica Joyce, our little ray of sunshine on the darkest days •



E R I C A J O Y C E • 3 weeks • I’m already running late with these weekly updates 🙈 life with a new born eh! This week Erica has been helping to choose daddies 30th birthday presents, we’ve met friends for coffee and cake 🍰 and we have loved you unconditionally. You are a little dream, your down to 1 feed a night, sometimes 2 when your having a fussy day, we love the cuddles so we don’t mind! Tomorrow we celebrate @jimo252 30th, here you are in your party dress which you wore to daddies birthday dinner 😀 you looked so cute! Our hearts are so full 💕!



E R I C A J O Y C E • 4 weeks • It may be a sad day for our family saying goodbye to Nanny Joyce but little Erica Joyce has been saving her first smiles for this weekend to brighten people’s day 💕


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