The Day of Love

St Valentines Day, 14th February 2018.

Love is one of thee greatest gifts. Love is pure. Love is never wanting to leave. Love is blinding. Love is overwhelming. Love is sweet.

The love we have for Erica is a love that we have never felt before, from the moment we saw those two pinks lines she was loved, unconditionally loved.

Valentines day isn’t really our thing, we don’t do gifts or dinner or flowers. Sometimes a card but that’s about it. We know our love will never be broken, we celebrate our love for one another everyday, we say ‘I love you’ and we buy each other gifts spontaneously. We don’t need one day just to declare our love for one another.

This year however I decided to take a few photos of Erica on her first Valentines Day just as a memory, I’ll print a few for her Time Capsule too!






She is seriously just the cutest!

Hope you all had a wonderful day whichever way you liked to celebrate!





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