Bangkok, Thailand.

We first went to Thailand in 2015 for our Honeymoon, this has been the only time we have spent in Bangkok so I will write about that first and then do another blog on Ko Samui. WE spent 3 days exploring Bangkok and tried to fit in as much as possible. Similar to my Iceland blog I will add links to activities and hotels that we enjoyed.

The first year we went to Thailand we flew from Glasgow to London then from London to Bangkok, this was ok on the way out but on the way home I found the Bangkok to London flight to long so when we went again the following year in 2016 we flew Glasgow to Dubai then Dubai to Bangkok before getting our connecting flight to Ko Samui. This was much easier and allowed an hour or two to stretch your legs (and shop!!).

Anyway, I digress! In Bangkok we stayed in The Banyan Tree Hotel and our room was over 30 floors up, I think it was 37! The view was incredible but not for those who don’t like heights! The hotel was lovely, they had a rooftop bar which offered phenomenal views over the city and they served delicious cocktails. If going to visit the bar, men must be dressed in full length trousers, shorts and trainers/flip-flops are not permitted.


The hotel had a lovely pool area which was around 20 floors up, the view from the top was great during the day. It was enjoyable to watch the gridlock traffic of the busy city below while having a dip in the pool after a busy day seeing the sites.

View from Pool
Enjoying a dip
Gridlock traffic below!


We used a private tour guide on the First Day to visit a few places, the tour was about 8 hours long, the tour guide was great and very knowledgable, the good thing about the private tour was that you would get freezing cold water at any time from a freezer box in the boot and you could control are air conditioning etc unlike a bus full of lots of tourists! To me this is worth the extra money as it was 38 degrees some days! It also meant you had someone to take photos of you as a couple and again like in Iceland you could hang about at each place to wait on the crowds to clear! I will pop photos below and caption the places the tour guide took us to.

Salt Fields
Floating Market is a must do in Bangkok
Floating Markets
River Kwai


We also went to visit the Tiger Temple and done some elephant riding, this is one of our greatest regrets when visiting Thailand, I really wish we had known better before booking this part of the tour. I haven’t featured any photos from these two activities as it is not something that I would ever condone doing now. We are hoping to visit Asia again with Erica this time and we will take her to Elephant Nature Parks where Elephants are saved from circuses, shows and the tourist trade. We need to see for ourselves that they aren’t replacing one tourist attraction with another so I’ll be sure to blog about this in the future. I was however upset to read a few weeks ago that the Tiger Temple is going to be re-opening this year under a new name. The Tiger Temple was closed a few years back after dead cubs were found in the freezer, it makes me sad to think it is allowed to reopen under a new name.

Anyway I digress again! I’m sure most people reading this will have seen the movie The Hangover 2, well we went to that hotel for dinner. Lebua at State Tower is the name and the food is delicious however I will make a point in saying that street food is just as nice (if not better) and is a fraction of the cost! I’ll talk more about food and places to eat later! Visit this hotel for a photo opportunity and maybe enjoy a few drinks. Again men must be in full length trousers, shorts flip flops/trainers are not permitted! The huge menu I’m holding in the photo below is just the cheese menu!


Another great activity to do is a River Boat Cruise at night along the River Chao Phraya, the cruise was about 3 hours, a 4 course meal and all your drinks are included, a tour guide tells you about the sites for the first 30 minutes or so then there is some traditional Thai Music and dancers to entertain during dinner. It’s lovely to see the city all lit up at night and the breeze from the boat ride makes it much cooler than some of the open roof bars etc!

Before going to Thailand we were told by so many people not to eat the street food or from street vendors, well all I can say is to heck with that. Those vendors and street kitchens will be some of the most delicious traditional Thai dishes you will ever taste and you will pay next to nothing for them! We ate from all different ones offering fresh fruit, smoothies, coconuts, fresh corn, chicken, crepes, curries, pad thai , you name it we ate it from the street kitchens! We didn’t get ill and it tasted amazing! We paid 10 Thai Baht for the most delicious chicken on a stick, that works out at about 20p, you would pay 100 baht for full curries or rice and noodle dishes which is about £2.50. If you want to do Thailand on a budget it is more than manageable.


One night we made a quick stop at Khao San Road, famous in Bangkok for the nightlife! Not really our thing so we had a few drinks and then headed elsewhere however if you want to see or should I say taste crickets, tarantulas, worms or anything else weird then this is the place to do it.


We also went to GBK Shopping Mall, this is the place to go if you’re looking for some replica handbags/sunglasses or clothes! We got a taxi there and then got a tuk tuk back. I cannot stress enough to be very careful on the tuk tuks in Bangkok, as like any country you get some bad people. We knew the way back to the hotel and our driver wasn’t heading that way, when we asked where he was going he told us he had some business to take care of with a friend and would only take us to the hotel first if we paid him more money. Of course we paid him more just to get back safe! Girls, if you take a handbag be sure to wear it across your body as the drivers team up and have other tuk tuks go past at high-speed and grab people’s bags before speeding off. As much as this is a negative point to my blog I never felt unsafe or threatened in Thailand. I would go as far as to say that Thai people are nicer, kinder and friendlier than British people as a majority! Most of them will do whatever they can to help you and make your stay memorable, I simply wanted to make people aware of what can happen!

The last place I want to tell you about in Bangkok is an amazing burger place! If any of you reading this know us personally you will know how much we love a good burger! I would go as far as saying this is thee best burger I have ever tasted in my life!! I always tell Jay to take me back to Bangkok just for a burger but that would be one heck of a commute eh! It’s called 25 degrees Bangkok and here is the Facebook link –


Have you ever been to Bangkok, I’d love for you to leave a comment below and tell me about your time there!

The next blog will be about our two trips to Koh Samui, its such a beautiful place I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Till next time!





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