Erica Joyce


It’s a word that you don’t see very often, its like people try to ignore that it’s happening, that 1 in 4 couples are dealing with it, more than likely in silence and in today’s world that’s really sad.

We were one of those couples, suffering in silence for nearly 2 years.

This blog post is going to be me introducing you all to our daughter but I couldn’t do that without touching on the subject of Infertility as I know so many people go through it, or have done in the past and I know they felt or are currently feeling like we did, like they were alone, lost and had nowhere to turn.

So even though we now have our miracle little girl please don’t think it was an easy ride for us, I know people have been through a journey much harder than ours and I just want to say hang in there, you’ll cry a thousand tears and worry a whole lot but you’ll also find times to laugh, like when your ass is hanging out the back of a hospital gown and your husband is playing dress up with the gloves and hair nets!

Its one of the hardest journeys we have ever been on but I know parenthood is going to be the toughest for sure!

So here she is …






In that photo she is only an hour or two old, we look tired but our hearts were bursting with love for this little lady! I know lots of people love a labour and delivery story so I’ll do a separate blog about that.

We are often asked about her name, her daddy choose it. She is named after my dad and papa who are both Eric and her middle name is after my late Nanny Joyce who was alive at the time Erica was born. I like to think she just needed to hear she had arrived safe before she left us to be with her beloved husband, George.

Throughout our pregnancy Erica was nicknamed ‘Moo’, funny how people’s bumps always end up with a nickname. In the early stages she was known as ‘Jellyfish’ then we found out it was a girl and we started to have a think about names, Molly was one that we always came back to hence the nickname ‘Moo’! Other names on the shortlist were Marnie, Ottilie, Delilah, Evie, Aoife and Niamh. Now I’ve put them out there I don’t feel we could use them if we are ever fortunate enough to have another baby!

So there you have it, our little miracle, our rainbow baby . I plan on writing monthly updates on Erica so I currently have 4 to catch up on (eek), here’s hoping she has a good few early nights so I can get typing!

Till next time,




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