First blog post

This may be titled ‘First blog post’ but it is infact one of many.

I blogged my way through our fertility journey for near enough 2 years but never published the site. Maybe one day I’ll share a post to two or even just a snippet of what it was like.

Anyway, if you haven’t read the ‘About Me’ section, I’m Jen. I live in Scotland with my husband Jamie (Jay), daughter Erica (EJ) and very muddy dog named Alfie.

I’m forever out walking in the woods and country parks getting muddy (mainly Alfies fault) but thats where Jay came up with the name of ‘Country Mumkin’, I’m not quite at the stage of changing my Instagram name however it is linked if you wish to browse photos of our muddy adventures!

For what feels like a very long time, people have been telling me to set up a you tube channel as I love to take photographs and I video a lot of our lives too. However, I have a very broad Scottish accent and hate the sound of it on video! I’ve tried to film a welcome video and even went as far as setting up a channel but nothing ever got posted! Even if I did go ahead with the channel I wouldn’t be one of those you tubers doing Aldi hauls, Primark Hauls and speed cleans, mainly because I hardly shop in Primark unless its for tights and I’m forever cleaning up after Alfie that a speed clean is pointless, it would be more like a ‘forever going round with a mop and cloth clean’! I do shop in Aldi but lets be honest when I come in with the shopping I want to chuck it in the cupboards and get on with other stuff, not film what I bought to eat that week!

I’m a chronic oversharer, and love to chat so a blog was the next best thing in allowing me to ramble on!

On here I’ll be sharing the things we do at the weekends, places we have been to visit, our holidays and other general things we have going on!

If you wish to join me then ‘hello and thanks for reading this far’










  1. Hello Jen!

    Well done, you took the plunge and published! πŸ™‚

    It was really scary for me at first as I wasn’t sure if anyone would like what I write (being a beginner). But even if people didn’t like it, I still loved what I was doing, sharing my photos and walks. Gotta start somewhere right? I look at my blog as my wee legacy for my kids to look back on one day and at the same time others might enjoy it too.

    I think you should set up your YouTube channel. Not many of us like the sound of our own voice or photos of ourselves, I’m so there with you on that one! I’ve only recently shown my face in one of my videos …

    You should check out Erin’s channel, she’s Scottish and has a great following. Lots of people love her Scottish accent, she’s fun:

    Your daughter Erica is beautiful! A little treasure who’ll love exploring with mum and dad πŸ™‚

    I look forward to your posts.


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